Amicus Tutoring was founded to help students in law school and those studying for the California Bar Examination find exam success. Amicus Tutoring takes a one-on-one approach to test preparation. Working with a tutor on an individual basis helps you study smarter by creating targeted test preparation approaches that will lead to better exam results.

Studying for exams of all kinds - law school or the bar exam - can be a frightening proposition, full of memorization and practice tests. On top of that, students get little feedback on their progress or guidance about how to best prepare for testing day. Amicus Tutoring can assist you in structuring your study plan, fine-tuning your writing skills, and finding success on exam days.

Lee Burgess, founder of Amicus Tutoring, is also the co-founder of the Law School Toolbox - all the tools you need for law school success. Please check out the Law School Toolbox website for law school support, exam tips, and more!

Amicus Tutoring is located in San Francisco; however, tutoring services are available remotely to students throughout California and the United States.


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